Body Contouring Specialist Questions and Answers

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Body Contouring Specialist Questions and Answers
Body Contouring Specialist Questions and Answers

Body contouring refers to a number of treatments that reshape the body to enhance its natural form. There are many different types of body contouring, from laser treatments, cold treatments and heat treatments. There are some autologous fat transfer body contouring treatments that remove fat cells from stubborn deposits and reintroduce them to areas that need more volume.

What is body contouring and how is it done?

The demand for fat-reduction procedures has skyrocketed since noninvasive cosmetic treatments have become more advanced and more accessible. In fact, there are currently several different types of noninvasive body contouring procedures on the market that utilize diverse technologies with more and more coming out every year.

Leading the body contouring scene, SculpSure is a quick, 25-minute, fat-dissolving procedure that destroys fat cells with the use of heat. During the procedure, the device is strapped onto trouble areas, most often the flanks, stomach, thighs and hips and alternates between intense heat that is absorbed by the body’s fatty tissue, and brief cool-downs. Patients typically only require one treatment, with visible results appearing in 6 to 12 weeks.

Does body contouring actually work?

No single treatment is a magic bullet. In a clinical trial, SculpSure showed results with about an 11 percent reduction in subcutaneous fat in the treated area. The best news is, the results are theoretically permanent. When you lose weight by exercising or eating healthier, your fat cells shrink, and when you gain weight, they expand. Either way, the same number is maintained. With SculpSure, fat cells are actually eliminated, which provides a lasting change.

With this in mind, if you return to unhealthy habits post-procedure, gaining weight can reverse the slimming effects. In order to maintain the results, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As with any procedure, make sure to consult with an experienced body contouring specialist to weigh your options.

What is body contouring treatment?

Body contouring refers to a number of different minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures intended to improve your body’s natural shape. These procedures may focus on eliminating unwanted fat or providing lift and volume where it’s needed most. Body contouring is an individualized set of treatments designed to meet the unique needs of each patient. Body contouring treatments can eliminate fat cells from exposing them to heat, freezing them, or physically removing them with suction.

Body contouring treatments have greatly improved in safety and effectiveness over the past several years. The approach with body contouring treatments is that every patient is unique and each plan must be designed with their individual needs in mind. This approach greatly improves the desired results and ensures that each patient will be satisfied with their treatment. Whether you have stubborn belly fat, resilient hip fat or hard to treat thighs, your body contouring specialist will design a treatment plan unique to your needs.

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