JuvedermVoluma® XC Fillers Questions and Answers

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JuvedermVoluma® XC Fillers Near Me in Charlotte, NC
JuvedermVoluma® XC Fillers Near Me in Charlotte, NC

What is a Juvederm® Voluma XCtreatment?

Juvederm®Voluma XC is one of the newest non-surgical fillers and is becoming a very popular choice for many. Juvederm®Voluma XC specifically adds volume under the skin’s surface to add fullness to your cheeks. Juvederm®’s active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is used to add volume to facial tissue. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body and stimulates the production of collagen, which is a connective tissue that plumps the skin. The production of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, which leads to the wrinkling and sagging of facial skin. During your treatment, your practitioner will use a pen to identify the area to be treated. and will then inject Voluma XC into that area. They will also lightly massage the treatment area to reduce the chance of swelling and to ensure even distribution. When getting Voluma XC injections, the practitioner will usually apply a numbing cream, and after about five minutes will clean the area with an alcohol pad, then proceed with the injections.

What is the difference between Juvederm®Voluma and Juvederm® VolumaXC?

There are three distinct differences between Juvederm®Voluma and the Voluma XC, and both are manufactured using different technologies. Voluma uses Vycross technology, which gives it a thicker texture, making it ideal for deeper injection. Both only require a few minutes to administer in your doctor’s office and both require minimal recovery time. Another aspect both products share is they are both synthesized without the use of animal components in the laboratory, making them both biocompatible with minimal risk of allergic reactions. The first, and most noticeable difference between Juvederm®Voluma and Juvederm®Voluma XC is the texture. You’ll notice that the texture of XC is similar to pudding, where the Voluma’s texture is closer to Jello. The thicker texture of Juvederm® XC gives the filler its lifting properties. It also differs in where it can be injected. Specifically formulated to be injected deep into the skin (dermis), and to lay directly on top of the facial bones, Voluma’s ability to stay in place and sit deep in the skin is what makes it useful for particular injection sites and for certain outcomes. Voluma is the only hyaluronic acid filler bio-engineered for the cheeks that is FDA approved. Because of Voluma’s composition of specifically cross-linked hyaluronic acid, and because it is administered deeper inside the skin layers, it lasts longer than Juvederm®, which has been reported to be up to two years. The third difference is in where the filler is, and is not used.

What is Juvederm®Voluma XC used for?

Juvederm®Voluma XC is highly effective when injected into the chin and the middle and upper cheek areas. Other fillers can be used, but Voluma has the advantage over other dermal fillers by having thicker, longer lasting and less properties. Because Voluma is a thicker and less moldable filler, it is not used under the eyes, under the nose or in the lips. The best way to determine whether Juvederm®Voluma or Juvederm®Voluma XC is right for your desired look, speak with one of our trained medical professionals who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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